Traumas are the result of many potential events: abandonment, divorce, infidelity, sickness, death; sexual, mental, and physical abuse; and unexpected losses or events like Covid‐19. It can trigger addictions, mental illnesses, and even suicide. Most people suffer at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Many more experience multiple traumas. Left unresolved, these traumas may create many devastating symptoms and tragic life outcomes.

Are your negative thoughts and emotions robbing you from living a rewarding life?

Much of how you live your life is the result of the multitude of stories created by your thoughts and emotions; which, in turn, shape your behaviors. And while your stories may have helped you in the past, they may not be doing so now, and are creating emotional and psychological pain.

I believe a rewarding life is possible

I believe with desire, courage, vulnerability, and determination a rewarding life is possible; I believe in hope and possibilty. I believe in the healing power of kindness, understanding and support; I believe you matter.

Jeff Eamer, Psychotherpist, MA, LMFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #124953

My education and experience

I have a degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in trauma. I am a certified suicide prevention counselor and a member of the LA's Crisis Response Team.

I have personal relatedness to mental illness and professional experience supporting those who are struggling with various types including addictions, depression, Bipolar Disorder, and suicidal ideation.

My services and fees

I support individuals, couples, families, men and women in a Zoom group setting. I offer 50‐ and 80‐minute sessions. My fee for a 50‐minute session is $200 and $250 for a 90‐minute session. I do not take insurance.

Due to the current Covid‐19, for the safety of all concerned, all my sessions are on digital platform referred to as telehealth.

What to expect on our initial phone call

I don't have a predetermined length or fee for our initial phone call. It's designed to do four things: have you share a bit about what's going on; ask any questions you may have; establish the fee; and, if all goes well up until that point, set a time to meet.

Contact Information

Jeff Eamer

I believe you matter.