I believe you matter I believe you matter


I created this website to share my philosophy; tell you about my areas of practice, education, experience, approach, and fees; and as a way to contact me should you require more information or make an appointment.

My Philosophy

I believe in the power of kindness, hope, and possibility; I believe with desire, courage, and determination a healthy and rewarding life is possible; and I believe you matter.

My Areas of Practice

I have both personal and professional experience supporting those who have suffered various types of severe trauma; those diagnosed with Depression and/or Bipolar Disorder; and individuals and couples who are facing complex relationship challenges. Visit ffmigroup.com for information about a support group for Family and Friends of those with a Mental Illness (FFMI).

My Education & Experience

I have a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles with a specialization in trauma. I have received training in various modalities in several settings including Open Paths Counseling Center, a non-profit, low-fee service provider in Culver City, and Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. While at Didi Hirsch, I was certified in suicide prevention and, as a counselor, served over 3,000 people in crisis. I began my psychotherapy career at Open Paths, where I continue to donate my time supporting those in need.

My Approach

I use a combination of one, two, or all three of the following types of therapy: Psychodynamic, Narrative, and Cognitive Behavioral. Psychodynamic Therapy seeks to identify unconscious patterns; Narrative Therapy looks to understand the stories one believes about him or herself, others, and the world; while Cognitive Behavioral Therapy investigates how thoughts shape one's feelings and behaviors. Though different in nature, all three types may lead to deeper insights, heightened awareness, and self-empowerment.

My Fees

My fee is $150 for a one-hour session for individuals, and $175 for a one-hour session for couples and families. I do not take insurance, but will provide a superbill. I’ll answer any other questions, including the possibility of a reduction in fee, during our introductory phone call.


I believe each of us, in our own way, matters. So, if you, or someone you care about, need professional help, call or text me at 424.209.7159 or send me a message:
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My Location

My practice is located in West Los Angeles at:
1849 Sawtelle Blvd. Suite 680, Los Angeles, 90025 There is two-hour metered-parking on Sawtelle Blvd. and non-metered parking on adjacent side streets.