Do you have:
... problems that keep repeating?
... relationships in constant turmoil?
... fears of honest communication?
... destructive addictive behaviors?
... anxiety and lack self‑confidence?
... issues managing aggression?
... difficulty finding meaning in life?

Chances these conflicts are the result of one or more unprocessed traumatic incidents. Traumas can take many forms over the course of lifetime. Most recover, many do not.

Unprocessed traumas can create problems in the following areas:

~ mental health
~ physical health
~ addiction
~ sex
~ money
~ relationships
Would you like to:
... meet challenges head on?
... create rewarding relationships?
... communicate effectively?
... live a vibrant lifestyle?
... embrace healthy behavior?
... achieve your life goals?
... find meaning and purpose in life?

I’ve been free of the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder for the last 15 years, so I bring a sense of relatedness, insight, empathy, and hope to help you heal and live a rewarding life. I have a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University; a certification in Suicide Prevention Counseling from Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services; and Psychological First Aid training with the LA Crisis Response Team.

I’ve supported those struggling with the impact of traumatic incidents and mental health challenges as a suicide prevention counselor, crisis responder, and psychotherapist over the last two decades.

My clients:
~ Individuals
~ Couples
~ Families
~ Groups

My fees:
~ 55‐minute session: $225
~ 85‐minute sessions: $275
~ 50-minute consultation: no fee
~ I offer tele-health sessions only.
~ I do not take insurance.

I believe with desire, courage, determination, and dedication a rewarding life awaits you.

Jeff Eamer, MA, LMFT #124953
Call or text: 424-209-7159