*The word psychotherapy means healing of the soul.

If you’re like most people, your soul has been wounded. Sometimes it was nobody’s fault. Sometimes it was. Regardless, it happened.

Wounds take many forms. Maybe your parents divorced or had a toxic relationship, someone you loved died, or you were abandoned, rejected, shamed or abused in some way. Maybe you were just different from most kids and got bullied.

You may have been wounded recently, which is why you’re seeking therapy. Or, more likely, your soul was wounded when you were younger and the repercussions of the incident(s) are showing up in your life reeking havoc.

As a result, you’ve adopted beliefs, created stories and implemented strategies to protect your soul from further wounding.

But if you’re reading this, your beliefs, stories and strategies are not working anymore. Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, work, shopping, gambling, pornography, masturbation, video games and social media temporarily numb your painful feelings, but the they always return. And always trigger your addictive behaviors.

Does this sound like you? Are you sick and tired of living this way? Have you had enough? Is it time to finally get on a healing path?

I have a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Trauma Studies from Antioch University, LA. Additionally, I’m a certified Suicide Prevention Counselor and Psychological First Aid Responder.
I experienced the devastating symptoms of of Bipolar Disorder, addiction and suicidal ideation from my late teens to my mid forties. As a result, I bring a sense of relatedness, insight, and empathy to my therapy practice. Thankfully, with a support network and daily self‑care I’ve been free of symptoms for nearly two decades.

I support straight, gay and queer individuals and couples, polyamorus relationships, unconventional relationships, and families.

My fees:
• 55‐minute session: $225
• 85‐minute sessions: $275
• 50-minute consultation: no fee

I offer tele-health sessions to residents of California and in‑person sessions at my office (a desert cabin) in Yucca Valley, CA. Note: I do not take insurance, but I can offer an invoice (referred to as a Superbill) for your insurance company.
I integrate my Labrador Retriever therapy dog, Koda, and rescue Quarter Horse, Freckles, into the sessions (when appropriate) along with meditative desert walks.
I believe with desire, courage, determination and dedication a rewarding life is possible. I believe you matter.

Jeff Eamer, Psychotherapist, MA, LMFT #124953
Call or text: 424-209-7159